Our products and services offer needed technology solutions to the agriculture sector. Agrologies’ goal is to be the market leader as the first company in the region of Greece to collect weather data and give farmers the opportunity to remotely control the irrigation of arable lands. Agrologies realizes that farmers today are more conscious of reducing irrigation water waste and of their environment. Because of this trend, there is a growing trend among farmers to move away from traditional ways of irrigating arable lands, based on experience.

Automated irrigation systems were introduced in the agricultural sector several years ago, but their cost remains too high. Our aim is to create a solution based on the technology of wireless sensor networks, which will enable controlling irrigation of an arable land remotely, and all these at the lowest possible cost.We offer one major service and major product. Our major product will be a four-piece device mainly consisting of soil sensors, to be installed in an arable land. Our major service will be an application through which users will be able to remotely control the irrigation process.

After the installation of the device on site, users will have the following options:

• To remotely manage the solenoid valve at any time

• Review the data and graphs from the sensors, as well as the conditions prevailing in the area

• Receive notifications depending on extreme weather conditions


More Info: https://www.agrologies.com/

Cogni-things.com is a start-up company founded in Volos, Greece in 2016 by two research engineers. The main goal of cogni-things is to build a heterogeneous internet-of-things (IoT) platform in order to integrate nodes from different vendors and for different applications. Such an IoT platform should enable the cognition to the heterogeneous nodes providing with the required intelligence for decision making..The cognition will be provided by building particular application programming interfaces (APIs), which will enhance the interoperability and enable the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the nodes. In particular, our mission is to provide a middleware monitoring and control platform, through heterogeneous IoT things that would be able to “talk”, cooperate, think and decide without human intervention.

More info: http://cogni-things.com/

Modern industries in the agro-food sector are intensive energy consumers and produce significant residue streams which are now disposed as waste.Currently available solutions targeting the energetic exploitation of waste are only economically viable and accessible to big scale installations, thus leaving the majority of the market uncovered. BIO2CHP offers to SMEs of the agro-food sector a stand-alone energy production unit, which combines the technologies of gasification and internal combustion engines, under the control of an innovative “smart process operation controller”. The BIO2CHP unit provides the means for an integrated use of raw material, utilizing the generated by-products for small-scale on-site heat and power production.
BIO2CHP aims at offering small-scale cogeneration units – 20, 50 and 100kWel, exploiting the residual biomass from the agro-food sector industries. These units operate independently, controlled by an “intelligent brain”, and are placed inside a standard cargo containers for easy transport and installation. The units, depending on each specific market segment and application, will be able of reducing up to 100% energy related costs and up to 88% waste management costs, increasing profitability and leading to payback periods of less than 1.5 years.

SmartP is an IoT cloud-enabled Agrοbusiness Intelligent Information Management System platform and Subsystems with corresponding middleware, and security and privacy architecture for process automation, data management, monitoring and control.

SmartP enables sustainable agriculture with smart technology and Intelligence that builds sensors into crops, providing essential data on several measured parameters that impact plant growth. Data can be used to trigger actions, based on predefined scenarios and enable users alter conditions towards maximize yield / profit and environmental impact.

SmartP aims to efficiently contribute to cross-border agro food value chain, by implementing intelligence and increased technology, bringing agriculture to a new era. Big data and collaborative networks are introduced in the agricultural world to set an added value framework of stakeholders, who have access to real time, processed information.

Easy platform tools enable synchronous monitoring of real farm conditions, and the transformation of such captured data into useful information available to all collaborative partners.
Actions can be instantly taken based on the proposed actions, regarding scientific directives, regulations, and quality standards. In market terms, product related constraints are co regarded in the above decisions structuring an effective Business Life Cycle.

More info: http://www.systserv.com/

NIRRA COMPANY is a newly founded company which was set up due to our passion and love for premium quality honey and authentic greek products.

The company produces two premium quality kinds of honey, forest honey and pine honey, which are as pure as the untouched forests where it is collected in northern Greece.

More info:  www.nirracompany.com

We have designed an inovative Organic Dairy family Farm Incubator project that aims the socioeconomic reconstruction of non-metropolitan districts through the development of a sustainable dairy sheep and goat cluster, which allows people interested in investing in dairy sheep and goat farming to get the appropriate support and infrastructure for the revival of their farming activity.

Filοra is a company which aims on the one hand to display the one of a kind quality of Greek organic herbs ans on the other to reach premium markets where so far none of the existing Greek ones has managed to do so

Source, pack and sell (PL, branded) Greek honey.

Production of essential oil, rich in carvacrol (>80%) from endemic Origanum Vulgare L. s.sp. hirtum,
organically grown. Target market; whole sale in animal feed supplements industry abroad. Long lasting and stable co operations. Fully integrated unit – cultivation, processing and distillation. The whole sequence will be certified at all levels.

Kanenas, is offering edible olives of unique characteristics to high-end delicatessen consumers,reviving a long forgotten traditional recipe.

Topalidou and co-workers have established an innovative startupcompany which aims to develop the mushroom cultivation. The company has highly qualified personnel, while no such company exist in Greece with high, potential of expansion (exports). There is a growing interest of more and more people to grow edible (gourmet) or medicinalmushrooms for a variety of reasons (food, health, fun, extra income). The need forcommercially available mushroom growing kits (indoor growing, outdoor growing, spawn andcultures) is highly needed, especially if we take into account that some mushrooms species(from truf¡es to milk-caps, canterelles, morels etc) may be native at certain areas and someothers may be cosmopolitans. Therefore, production of mushroom growing kits of nativespecies is essential since purchasing such kits of non-native species is either prohibited orrestricted. Moreover, production of growing mushroom kits of native species is challengingand involves the possibility to make certain species of economic importance (e.g. morels)available for cultivation under forest farming systems.